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Hopefully someone can help...

Game installed and worked no issue on xp system, win7 system and yet new computer with win8 and its installing however not allowing me to run, stats to load then will crash out.

Any thoughts / help much appreciated.
I've heard a few complaints, but it runs like a dream on my Windows 8 rig (toolset too) and I have a very low-end machine. The only issue I had was Direct X. Win 8 comes with DX 10 installed but NWN runs better on DX 9. Installed DX9 (it installs right on top of DX10 so you can essentially run both simultaneously) and I haven't had a hiccup since. A few hinks in the toolset, but that's my graphics card not the OS, and it's still usable.
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I'm running it on Win8 with very few problems. Occasionally I click the icon to launch and it fails (get thew hourglass for a few seconds and then stops), but click it again and it works just fine.

Also had some issues with sound. Selecting any option other than Miles 2D audio gave me music only, no voices or effects. This on an Xonar Essence STX sound card.