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Hey all knowledgeable guys and gals.

I am haveing a wierd problem here, when ever I try to play NWN the game loads fine and all, had to put in compatability mode, but that nothing new or hard ta do. My problem lies in that when I create a toon and have gone through the initial step of selecting my class, skill's, stat's etc. etc. (Maybe outa order but who cares)

Then comes my time to create the appearance as the last thing. I cant see my toon, the window is all black, if I just hit ok, and then play then when I get in the game no toon can be seen, nor NPC's my dad jut purchased NWN for him self and that worked fine and dandy, didnt even have to put it in comp mode.

So does anyone have short solution to this rant? Or should I just try and reinstall?
Hmm, I'm running fine in Win 7 64 Bit without requiring any compatibility modes.
Please try running the Critical Update Program located here:

This fixed a small issue I was having with color customization during character creation and may fix your issue aswell.
I had this exact same problem. After some fiddling around, I found that turning on High Resolution fonts in the Advanced Video settings page will allow your characters to show up just fine, both on the character creation screen and in the game itself. Don't ask me why on earth the fonts affect the character sprites, all I know is that for me, it worked. If you don't like the bigger fonts you can turn them off in game with no adverse effects, just make sure you have them on when you're starting or loading your game.