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Thanks to everybody who contributed to this thread (recently or seven years ago). It was a great help! I finally got the cutscene video and audio running smoothly. At first, the video wouldn't show while the audio was working okaayy. I tried JUST switching the SafeMovie setting on the nvn.ini file, and that sort of helped, but didn't fix the issue. After that, I altered the compatibility settings on the nwmain properties in a bunch of different variations, but the closest I ever got to efficiency was the video MAYBE showing up and the audio stuttering. Finally, I updated my graphics drivers. The videos were then showing up, but the video and audio was stuttering, so I finally set the nwmain properties to:
-Compatibility mode with Windows XP SP 3
-Disabled the visual themes
-Disable desktop composition
-Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

And I set the SafeMovie setting in the nvn.ini file back to 1. This cleared everything up and it's now running like a champ (well, smoothly and efficiently, at least).

This is a Windows 7 64 bit OS with two display adapters (Intel HD 3000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 555M).