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I find I'm rather unsatisfied with the limited appearance customizations available to you in NWN.

Are there any fan made mods out there that offer you more options?
I know that with games like Dragon Age, there's tons of custom made fan mods available to alter your appearance to suit your tastes. But although I played NWN back in the day, I never got involved in the modding community surrounding it and wouldn't have a clue if its possible or whether such mods exist...

Any help or advice would be really appreciated.
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Let me introduce you to Planet Neverwinter.

It has more mods and resources for Neverwinter Nights than you could imagine.

After you click the link look down the column to the left and scroll down to get all of the NWN 1 Mods, portrait packs, textures, tiles, updater......basically everything you'll ever need for this game.
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Thanks for that - some great mods there indeed!
Took me a while to figure out how best to navigate that site - there's just so much stuff! But its certainly paid off.
Your tip was much appreciated :)