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I'd love to recommand this game to some friends of mine. Unfortunately, my friends and I are French. I'm fine with playing games in English, but they certainly won't.

Is there any way to change the language if they buy the GoG edition of NWN ?
This question / problem has been solved by Vahronimage
From what I've read there's no official way but it might be possible to use a replacement for the dialog.tlk file. Bioware have downloads for them in case of a corruption.

The french file is only version 1.68 whereas the gog version is 1.69, it might be worth an experiment if you can do it with your copy to see if it'll work
French 1.69 fanpatch here:
OK, I finally got my own solution, thanks to this post (in French).
To anyone interested :

- Install the GOG version.
- Download this archive.
- Replace dialog.tlk and dialogf.tlk in the game with those included in the archive.

This solution is better than ERISS' one, because you don't ever modify any binary file. You can even use this solution on the Linux client, if you install it reading the instructions from Bioware.

I assume that this should work with other languages too, if you can find their updated .tlk files anywhere on the Internet.

Problem solved :)
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