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Hello, i just installed the game, and when i select in the graphics options "low" or "extreme" the screen just goes black, but the menu keeps working, so i have to close it with alt + f4, and when i do it says "NN has stopped working", the game works fine if i start right away, but i wanted to up the graphics, any solutions? thanks
Post edited May 31, 2017 by D88M3R3
What kind of GPU do you have? I'd make sure you're got Windows Update all up to date, and are running the newest drivers from or (or I guess Windows Update if you're on an Intel GPU).

I don't think you'll miss out too much if you're on the medium setting though-seems to affect shadows and the like? They do look better/more natural on Extreme versus Low, though low doesn't look BAD (so I'm sure normal looks good too).