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Hi, guys:
I find out if using "better DS3"(or motionjoy), you must choose a profile which is "DirectInput" (not Xinput !!!).
and following is my settings, everything not mention below is set to "None":

Triangle: Button 4
Circle: Button 2
Cross: Button 1
Square: Button 3

Select: Button 7
Start: Button8

L1: Button 4 (not necessary, I just want switch in game by L1)
R1: Button 2 (not necessary, I just want brace in game by R1)

Up: D-Pad Up (not necessary, not used in game)
Right: D-Pad Right (not necessary, not used in game)
Down: D-Pad Down (not necessary, not used in game)
Left: D-Pad Left (not necessary, not used in game)

Left Stick:
X + : Axis X +
X - : Axis X-
Y + : Axis Y +
Y - : Axis Y -

Right Stick:
X + : Axis RX +
X - : Axis RX-
Y + : Axis RY +
Y - : Axis RY -

Important notes:
1. In game you want use"BOLA", all you need to do is pull your Right Stick left first, then holding Right Stick up/down/left to aim, then push it to right for shoot.
2. if you want to co-op in game, must connected two ps3 controller (using the same profile in better DS3) before you launch the game, after you entering the game, player 2 just need press "Cross" button to join the game.
+1 for contributing! :)