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my brother and I just spend a couple of hours on a good run and, kind of accidentally, went into new game+ (we debated too long if that would unlock as a new mode, or continue the current game).

We decided to call it a day in the middle of the run and opened the menu while in intermission and selected "quit to title". Needless to say, we felt emotionally conflicted as the game showed us the "game over" screen.
There is also no session to resume from.

Is there a way to pause/save a game in progress and resume playing later (in coop-play)?

I would also kindly ask to improve the usability (UI/UX) by adding a prompt before potentially "dangerous" operations such as quitting/aborting a run. I wrongly expected the game to confirm if I wanted to abort my game or save it. Something along the lines of choosing between "Quit & save", "Quit & Game over" and "Cancel" - with quit & save serving as the default (because safe) operation.

It's sad that we lost our entire night to this.

P.S.: Choosing between new game+ and finishing the game felt a bit ambiguous. We tried shooting the final boss during the interactive cutscene before being presented with the new game+ "option". Personally, I would like to see the two choices being made more clear. Currently this option is in the same path and interaction as continuing a dialogue. There is no big differentiation between continuing the dialogue (safe key presses) and continuing in new game+ in the prompts and how the interaction feels. You've trained me to press A (on the xbox controller) to advance the dialogue…

I'm not sure if we would have had to shoot the final boss in the cutscene during their dialogue, to finish the game instead of going into new game+. This could be made more explicit by moving the choice from "press A to continue dialogue" and "ignore the dialogue, just don't press A and kill them" to something outside the dialogue system entirely. (Assuming that is the way how to make that choice). For example: highlight the boss with a reticule "Shoot" (finish the game) and another "Spare" (press a button, or have a visible timer run out *slowly*; "start over in new game+". I really would like to emphasise the "start over" aspect, as new game+ has different meanings in different games, and I initially went for the roguelite-permanent-progression-new-menu-option one, even though that would not make sense for this game, just because I am used to new game+ in the games that I've played.

Anyway, love this game.
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