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Hey there,

We heard of a couple problems with 144hz displays and Gsync / Freesync technologies.

If you are running into issues such as monitors powering off every few seconds, tearing, or black screen appearing every few seconds, here's the solution.

Launch the game with the argument "-unlockFPS" (without the quotes).

And that's it!

Explanation: the game is capped to 60 FPS, which is something that Gsync or Freesync displays may not like. The launch option disable framerate capping.

Important notice: if you don't have a Gsync or FreeSync display, it is highly advisable to not use this launch option as this will totally uncap the game and will likely use 100% of your CPU. If you're running on a laptop computer, this will drain its battery pretty fast.

Post edited July 12, 2018 by MrHelmut