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Hello there!

NeuroVoider is a game that should run on most computers, but there are very few hardware (~1% of the players) that will not be able to run it depending on your operating system. Here's a list of non working graphics cards.

*** Intel graphics not able to run the game on Windows ***

For Intel Core processors:

On Windows 10 (32bit & 64bit):
- Intel HD Graphics 3000
- Intel HD Graphics 2000

On Windows 10 (32bit only)
- All Intel graphics cards

For Intel Pentium, Celeron, and Atom processors integrated graphics:

Please refer to the official Intel compatibility list.
The game won't run everywhere there's a "No".

It may happen that even though your graphics card is marked with a "No", it could still run the game, but most probably with graphical issues, like a blue overlay. We can't do much about it either, it's really an Intel driver issue.

Explaination of the Intel problem:

NeuroVoider uses OpenGL 3.0 to render graphics. It is equivalent to DirectX 10 but even though some Intel graphics cards support DirectX 10, Intel doesn't provide a driver that supports OpenGL 3.0 for newer operating systems like Windows 10.

If your hardware is on this list, there's nothing we can do about it... It's because Intel has stopped support for these graphics cards on some operating systems and there is no workaround (beside downgrading to Windows 7 or 8 if you're on Windows 10).

*** NVidia and ATI cards ***

Any NVidia and ATI cards compatible with DirectX 10 will run the game.
There is no known incompatibility if this requirement is met.

*** What about MacOS and Linux? ***

For linux, please refer to this list if you're using an Intel IGP:
But if you're on an Intel Core CPU, you most likely have an OpenGL 3.0+ support and everything should be fine. OpenGL support on Intel IGP are way better than on Windows.

For MacOS, please refer to this official OpenGL support list:
But you're most likely fine, MacOS OpenGL support is rock solid.

For advance users, the real minimal specs of NeuroVoider are OpenGL 2.0 + ARB_frame_buffer_object extension (you can check that with the glxinfo command, make sure that ARB_frame_buffer_object is present and everything else should be fine).