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Hey everyone, as you might know NEO Scavenger has a rather peculiar way of saving its savegames and unfortunately it turned out that my browser wipes all savegame and setting files when I close it. I had tried out Banjo's NEOScavenger Save Manager, however it didn't quite work for me. His save manager is a batch file, but instead of trying to fix it for my needs I got inspired and decided to write my own savegame managing batch file.

So if you also have issues with vanishing savegames, NEOsave might be an alternative solution for you to back them up quickly! :)

I have tested it with Windows 7 and 10.

What NEOsave does:

* It automatically sets itself up the first time you start the batch file. It will create the folder "NEOsave" in your game directory and create subfolders for your quick save and backup saves. Each folder will have an .ini file which are used to organize the save files.

* It has a quick save and quick restore function for quickly backing up your most recent save when you're done playing. The quick save will have a timestamp, which makes it easy to see how recent your last quick save is.

* Additionally it can create as many backup saves as you want and you can name them. These save backups will have timestamps too.

* It can restore your backup saves.

* It can delete backup saves you do not want to keep anymore. It does this by deleting the corresponding save# folder within the NEOsave folder and then renames the remaining savegame backup folders so their numbering in the NEOsave menu is correct again.

* It can start the game. This in and of itself does nothing, but it is a bit more convenient when you just want to backup your most recent savegame, as the batch file will still be open when you quit NEO Scavenger again and it's just the press of a button from there. However when you do this you cannot save your savegames while the game is still running. The batch file will only respond again when the game is closed. If you launch the game and the batch file separately though, you will be able to save your savegames while playing (which is handy if you want to savescum *cough*).

You can get the batch file from here:

Simply copy and paste the batch code into a .txt file (like NEOsave.txt), save it and rename it to .bat (e.g. NEOsave.bat).

Afterwards you have to copy the batch file into your game directory where the NEOScavenger.exe file is. That's it! You're good to go.

Tip: You can very comfortably use NEOsave with the numpad: 1/2/3 = start game/quick save/quick restore, 4/5/6 = save/restore/delete savegame, and 0 is always back/exit.
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Thank you for creating this tool!
You're welcome! :)
Does this (or any saver) work for Mac OS? How? Thanks.
cosmicjay: Does this (or any saver) work for Mac OS? How? Thanks.
No, unfortunately not. The batch file makes use of windows specific commands and the path where NEO Scavenger stores its saves is also different in MacOS. So this batch file only works with Windows. Sorry.
Not sure if you're still using this account or site but I'm attempting to use this for the steam version because I can't figure out how Banjo's save system is supposed to work, do I need to save the batch file in a different place on the steam version? I tried saving it to This PC/OS (C:)/Program Files (x86)/Steam/Steamapps/Common/NEO Scavenger but every time I go to launch the .bat file in the games directory it crashes instantaneously.
Any help would be appreciated.