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Had two last night.

First while camping in the forest, what woke me up was a looter who stabbed me into the chest with a spear.

I spat out some blood and thought - not again, I will have to play again all over. But just as he was raising the spear to finish me off, it suddenly fell into pieces in his hand and he freaked out and run away. I was recovering from that would for a long time, just to catch him and have my revenge.

Second when some "tough" enemy came at me, and I shot him with an arrow into his chest. He proceeded with pulling the arrow out and stabbing me to death. Tough, indeed.
Welcome back at Neos :)
The first time I ate "long pork"...
JudasIscariot: The first time I ate "long pork"...
I know only what this means thanks to "Supernatural". :D
JudasIscariot: The first time I ate "long pork"...
AngryAlien: I know only what this means thanks to "Supernatural". :D
I jumped a lone DMC guard and got his equipment. Profit!

Then I attacked a second one in the middle of the night and didn't predict drones. :(
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* I encountered a shirtless, skinny man, probably trying to steal something I dropped in the ground. After seeing the rifle in my hand he immediately wanted to speak with me. I killed him, not with bullets, just hitting him with my gun.

* I got killed by the Beast of Hades Glade. Survival time: 10.09 hours. Epic fail!

* Having a free dinner at The Red Gnome was fun ;)
My very first game, first city tile west of the cryo facility, first encounter: Merga Wraith... Game over in the first or second turn, I didn't even have the time to scavenge one tile.

Luckily, I knew what I was getting into from the reviews.

Long pork... I haven't dared yet, but I'm curious ever since my first human kill ("Humanoid corpse in the crafting screen, wonder if i can...?").
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...bare ass naked at the beginning of the game and found I could beat the stuffing out of a dogman...then go to hatter and show off my huge lol to get into the DMC XD

The game often amuses me in ways I couldn't guess each time I play it.

Another great moment was having full body armor from DMC. Everything great. Everything perfect as could be. I trek back to the cryo center and beat the crap out of a Bad Mutha. He runs away deathly wounded. I few hours later I make camp and sleep. I woke up to a Game Over screen as that sack of crap healed (i would guess by nano kit) and stabbed me dead with one hit from the friggin arrow I shot HIM with a few turns ago lol XD
found sleeping bag check.
found plasti bag full of goodies check
found multitool knife check.

all of sudden frail dog. knife breaks
mortal combat with dog i win but bleeding
then right after that fight with bad mutha
i win barley but now tired can't reach campsite in time need to sleep.
sleep in red must sleep.
severe hypothermia
froze to death