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In light of the recent loss of the wonderful official forums and website (hacked and subsequently closed down) which has resulted in the loss of many mods posted only there, I have "come out of retirement" in order to try and update my own mods and make them available again.

This will either be on Nexus Mods ( or my own gaming website (

Currently, the Nexus versions are still out of date and there's nothing for NeoScavenger on my blog yet, but I just wanted to let people know that my mods won't be "lost" due to this. It may take a few weeks or so to get things updated, though, as I haven't played NeoScavenger in a long time so am likely a bit rusty on modding for it!

In the meantime, please don't upload my mods without permission, as I'd like to be able to maintain them myself. If there is one missing or one that's broken, let me know and I will see to it.

Finally, if there is an old BBG-only mod that you're looking for and can't find, ask me and I might have a backup of it!
Post edited January 07, 2023 by Banjo_oz