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I've started a new game on the last two updates, but am still having trouble understanding exactly what is expected on each given day.

On the second day I'm supposed to find links to hazardous materials and contact with suspicious persons, but lost points when I marked a text message to one of those persons.

On the fourth day I'm supposed to find links between effects of radiation poisoning, but ONLY if connected to certain individuals. However, I marked two effects of possible radiation poisoning (on one suspect) even though there was no link to any suspicious person, so cleared the suspect as 'safe'. I lost points for the evidence, AND for marking them safe instead of dangerous?! The rules clearly state ONLY if associated with these people, I'm following the rules and still being punished for it? Twice, no less!

Should I just be accepting that there is no way to do things 100% correct? Because at this point, I'm not sure I want to continue the game if it's all about guesswork and not correctly scrutinizing the evidence. I might as well randomly pick results if the rules are thrown out the window like this!