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I want to ask if anyone else have the issue with 3rd or 4th episode when I try to enter the basement as Kashin and the there is a loading screen which never ends. I noticed there are signals during loading screens which tells that game is about to start but in this case it never does.
yes i had the same issue

in fact, scene appears to be running behind the neverending loading screed:

if i press enter, noises can be heard above the music like knives noises and such... saw the basement scene on gog twitch channel so i recognize the noises and their order

just we cant see nothing because the whole scene is walled behind a neverending black loading screen with the little walking maddy logo

really need a fix/solution to that asap as the game is unplayable !
Had the same problem. Got a black screen (a very dark blue) directly at the end of the prologue.

Long story short: I had to install GoG Galaxy to get it to work. The game seems to require that for the achievements or it just hangs forever.

The Details:

- System: Windows 7, AMD Radeon RX 480, 15 GiByte RAM
- First updated AMD graphics driver to 21.4.1 -> didn't help, no changes
- Looked a the Unity log file in AppData\LocalLow\Route59\Necrobarista\output_log.txt.
Got a NullReferenceException in StoryEnder.EndStory (I think), close by to "StoryEnder.EndStory called" and "ACH_STORY_E00". Haven't saved that log file though.
- Installed Galaxy, but had to search for Galaxy 1 because Galaxy 2 requires at least Win8 (found a link in the forums, can't post it here it seems).
- That got it to work, output_log.txt no longer contains NullReferenceExceptions (Galaxy running in the background).

Just wanted to share the info in case someone else still has the same problem. I'll uninstall Galaxy again afterwards because I really don't want (and need) such a program. I liked the Prologue so far but debugging that kind of stuff ruins the mood.

And before someone says that Win10 is the obvious answer: I have better things to do than babysitting another Windows installation when I just want to play a game once in a while. I know it works for a lot of people but try booting a Win10 once every 2 to 4 weeks (and watch the updater wrecking your system again, and fix it for the next hour). For me the decision is either Win7 (and playing a game within a minute) or not playing games at all. And I can understand if game developers don't want to bother with pople like me.