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Hey everyone!

Necrobarista v1.0.2 is now available, containing fixes for a number of user-reported issues, as well as new config options and input refinements. If you've come across a bug or issue, or just need help with something, please contact us via the Necrobarista Discord, or email

Fixes & Improvements:

Patch v1.0.1 Notes
*Crash to desktop after splash screens
*Fix based off of crash reports. If it persists, we'll continue to work on the issue.
*Fix for infinite loading screen in Episode 3
*Fix for reaching a soft-lock state where the word selection screen is not accessible^
^ If a player has suffered from this and their save is currently in free-roam mode, they will need to replay their latest episode.

Patch v1.0.2 Notes

New Config Options
*Players can now invert their Y-Axis in the config menu.
*Players can now adjust their mouse sensitivity in the config menu.
*Players can now toggle anti-aliasing in the config menu.
*Players can now toggle VSync in the config menu.

New Feature: Rewind
*Players can rewind up to 5 shots back via mouse wheel or left gamepad shoulder button.
*This existed in previous builds, but is now an officially supported feature.
*Super useful if you accidentally double-click. Happens to the best of us.

Gamepad Improvements
*Mouse cursor now hides when using Gamepad.
*Gamepad movement is now correctly using radial directions rather than D-pad movement.
*Gamepad control scheme now displays correctly in the pause menu.

*Mouse cursor is now confined to application window while Necrobarista is focused.
*Necrobarista now indicates when autosaving events occur. Shot progression during episodes is still recorded (and saved) silently.
*Smoothed out camera jitter in first-person sequences.

Performance Improvements
*Performance improvements for title screen.
*Improved loading screen times across the game.

Coming up next:
*Adding gamepad navigation support to the config menu.
*Addressing issues causing frame rate drops across the game.

Post edited July 27, 2020 by _ygbr