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Are the gog versions of the games the anniversary plus its fixes? I think Myst Masterpiece and Riven seems to be. But I am in doubt about the rest of the myst games pack. Are future patches expected?

And another question about myst masterpiece edition scummvm 25 anniversary version: I am unable to see the 25 anniversary menu that is supposed to be an addition in this version, It just appears to work like the old version under scummvm (f5 and the menu from scummvm launches and from there you load or save).
I am making the question because the riven version seems to run in a different way than the old version, the game starts with an ingame menu where you can see the logo and the options etc...

any light? Am I wrong?

Post edited July 06, 2018 by Gudadantza
Check the change log thread, you can see the latest updates there.
The today update brings the menu I was talking about in masterpiece edition and It appears that ScummVM has changed
style from orange to green as well.
I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes, but Myst Masterpiece is running on the June 24, 2018 build of Scummvm and Riven is on the June 26, 2018. Not sure what two days' difference makes, though I did notice that Myst Masterpiece now has a title screen rather than just throwing you straight in.
They are scummvm nightly builds, in a couple of days little things can be changed in one game that are not needed in another.
Apart of this it can be that the builds used in gog versions were some kind of special builds sent only to cyan and then published in gog. This is, not exactly public builds, at least for now.