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I have the dates to put into the Planetarium, the problem I'm running into is that the Planetarium is not showing the starmap. The lights are off. I've toggled the switches multiple times, changed dates--nothing. Empty star chart no matter what date I put in, even the ones I NEED to put in.

I'm concerned there is a step I'm missing or have misunderstood, but I remember that it should've been fairly simple and the last time I played I was able to play around with the Planetarium no problem. I toyed with it because I was curious to see if anything had changed despite not having the dates written down.

Any suggestions? Not sure if I'm missing something or not.
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Lights off, door closed, machine pulled down, sitting in chair, no display.

Is this correct? And you made sure to hit the input button after setting them all?

If so, that sounds mighty like a graphical display issue.