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Wow it is inexcusable.

The game has 2x AMD HD7950 GPUs with 3GB DDR5 VRAM on a FX8350 CPU running in crossfire on a 1440p monitor and has them running at 90% *both* just to achieve 60fps on high quality settings.

It still stutters once in a while and drops down to 50 fps on quite frequently.

The graphics are "ok" at best. The textures are low resolution and the models are simple. Good grief this is poorly optimized.The environment is static, there are no fast movements, there are no complex models and each game world is very small.

On ultra settings it can barely do 30fps and drops frequently below that. Visually this game can't justify the performance issues it is having. I realize Unity sucks a lot, but I've never seen anything like this.

I can't recommend this game because of performance issues. This game should fly on a single HD7950 on ultra at 1440p. Max Payne 3 has zero problems of constant smooth 60fps on my setup on ultra. But Realmyst Masterpiece edition brings the whole rig to its knees at the highest setting.

Playing on "only" high is completely acceptable, as far as that goes, but how can I recommend this to anyone? I can't.

Stay away from this one. It doesn't look like it will be patched or optimized.
edit: ignore... didn't realize you were referring to masterpiece edition..
Post edited November 20, 2014 by AmishFury