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Hi to anyone knowledgeable, I'm interested in getting this here in a sale sometime, it's the last game in this series I have yet to own on Gog, and I was wondering if anyone knew if the messed up puzzles were fixed. In other words, changes since RealMyst that didn't improve things but messed them up more.

Puzzles I'm speaking of:
1. Stoneship Age circle puzzle (changed the button you need to press to solve it - this was already the hardest puzzle in the game for me, I could never figure it out without using a guide even when it wasn't messed up)
2. Rime Age final crystal puzzle (You have to turn the crystal colors with a different control scheme - not game breaking but when I played RMME outside of Gog before, it took me a long time to realize hey, I wasn't doing it the way this version of the game said I should.)