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For those of you that may be apprehensive, here its the Location for realMyst to demo and try it out. Personally i think its kinda fun. Not on the same level as URU but it really pull's you in especially if your a new player to Myst and never played storybook static games/adventures.
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The links are dead.
Are the graphics better in realMYST or Riven? Vy disappointed in the latter.
Depends on your definition of better.
Riven has very good photo-realistic pre-rendered images that still look quite good. But they are static because they are pre-rendered (and they had to be at the time, as on the fly graphics were not up to the aesthetic demanded by the Myst games).
realMyst generates graphics on the fly. The detail and resolution is about the same as Myst Masterpiece (the remastered, higher res, but still static, pre-rendered) but as its real time generated you have freedom to move and rotate as you will. And all the graphics are fully animated. The sea waves bob, birds fly in the sky, rain falls etc.
From one minute in this trailer (no spoilers) stops being arty and starts showing actual game engine footage...
fixed it with a working link