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Since III and IV are available now I decided to go through the whole series. Started Masterpiece edition over a couple of times and found a weird bug. When I start over any saves I made in the manual save spots are still there. Uninstall the game and restart, they are still there. This is on my Steam version, since I already had it. Uninstalled and got the GOG version, restart and they are still there. At least I know I have version 2.1, couldn't find it anywhere on the Steam version. I assume it was 2.1 but couldn't verify. I have searched everywhere for save files but can't find them anywhere, game installed or not. Nothing game breaking but my anal button is flashing. If anyone knows where save files are I would appreciate it. Just for my twitch.
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Think I've got it.

Navigate to this:
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\LocalLow\Cyan Worlds\realMyst

Leave the RealMyst.sav file alone, but if you delete the realmystauto.sav, the RealMystX.sav and RealMystX.png files (where X should be numbers corresponding to the save slots) then the next time you launch the game it should go through the normal opening, since there's no save to restore. (Or, if you want them for later, you can just back them up and restore them as needed)

When a game uninstalls it's really hit-and-miss whether or not it politely cleans up files that were in AppData or not. I'm guessing realMyst Masterpiece Edition doesn't do this.
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Thank you. That was it. Still boggles my mind a bit that uninstalling didn't clean those out.