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So I recently picked up the original Myst here on gog, trying to expand my library here instead of steam because I fully support DRM free gamming. Though I have ran into a quite annoying issue.

When I started the game I was pleased, it has an extra intro logo from whatever dev company was involved in the masterpiece edition that wasn't borderbund software, neat! Ok so the game runs fine, menu is cool and there is a map, very happy with this! After getting into the library I begin one of my favorite parts of the game, reading the books! Though I totally read the name of a few of the characters wrong and later figuring that out, because of how my eyes started to hurt from how pixilated the text in the books were. Huh I don’t remember it looking this bad...lets go back to the steam version which I use to play from time to time. Well for whatever weird reason, the resolution is much more clear in the steam version, ouch.

I tried messing with the "scum" wrapper thing and using opengl/texture filtering did not help, it still looked very blurred/pixilated. It appears steam and gog both have the same version of scum for Myst, but some things are different, like in the steam version the map is colored, in gog it is not. Also the colors for the interface are totally different in each version, though they are both using the 2.1.0git release.

I do not understand plz send help, this game takes allot of reading and I enjoy the stories in the books.
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Having the same problem.