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dbrizzee: SOLVED: win 7 pro 64 bit
I'm running Win 7 Pro 64 bit. I've tried almost everything on all these threads and posts from numerous places. this is the only thing that worked. I just unclicked the mp3 coding box when installing quicktime. I then ran the game without using any compatibilities and it worked. I only ran the game 5 mins but there was absolutely no crashes. I did the clock tower without problems, the generator without problems and the stairs to the tower about 6 times without crashes. These are the places that crashed on me before unclicking the mp3 coding box. Sound is great without static or issues. This is the only fix that has worked for me.
In short, I installed myst masterpiece edition then quicktime lite and ONLY unclicked the MP3 coding box. After install, I loaded the game WITHOUT compatibilities and it ran without a hiccup. Hope this helps everyone with Win 7 64 bit.
Love this game
dbrizzee, that post is REALLY useful, thanks for sharing your discovery!

I now have hopes for making the original Myst (not Masterpiece Edition) work too, without resorting to emulators.

(In case someone was wondering: Masterpiece Edition has a couple of quirks - the on/off typo in one puzzle makes things confusing without prior knowledge; it also lacks the original's transitions (i.e., pictures slide when you turn around, giving a greater illusion of movement) but that was only for the Mac version of Myst, sadly.)