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Hi everyone,

Is there a way to play this game in window mode? There is no option for it, Alt+Enter doesn't seem to work and I can't find a config file with such parameters.

Thank you for your help
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You could try the wide screen mod that is being referenced here :
Mataeus is probably talking about It indeed seems more suited for windowed mode than for wide screen.

I dislike it. So I had ro reinstall the game to get rid of the mod.
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Note! Your paths will vary, look up the bin\ folder that contains Myst4.exe

For Windows 10:

Create E:\GOG\Myst 4\bin\game.dsc

with content

full_screen ( false )

Create E:\GOG\Myst 4\bin\resolution.ini


#Force windowed mode (may not work in all cases)

#Enable this if the window appears clipped ( 0 or 1 )

And this is all you need to do.
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