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So, I've installed all of the Myst games and all of them run perfectly so far except for Exile. When I run the shortcut to load the game, first Exile loads in as a cropped box of only the bottom left corner of the screen, but placed on top of my desktop, on the TOP left corner of the screen. The mouse will work when hovered over the block of screen, but moves sorta slow. A click to the desktop or to the taskbar icon will reset the desktop, but upon properly loading the Exile main menu, the game runs ludicrously slow. Cutscenes skip and chudder, but they run at normal speed when the game is minimized because I can hear all the audio running at normal speed, exactly how it's supposed to be. This isn't cutscenes either, gameplay itself is also incredibly choppy and slow, which I don't understand because the DVD version of Exile ran exactly as it was supposed to before now, and it's only when I run the ResidualVM version GOG provides that I have these issues. I don't get it :V Can anyone help out? I'd appreciate some clue as to what's going wrong here, if anyone knows.