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The first time I played Myst was the orginal point click slide picture style. Which is also available here on GOG. However by the time I got Myst IV and "Atrus saids he going to "extra age in Real Myst" Not going to say the age that be kinda of a spoiler. But anyways I was missing out never did get to see this age so I felt I was missing some of the story. So when I finally got to play Real Myst I was like I was missing out. The free roaming in real myst is fine it is still easy to get around once you get use to it. But however Also there somethin else you can see in Real Myst that fits the story line that you do not see in the others.
The only issue on Windows 7 Pro I had was video not playing at the beginning and lagging. So all I did was set it for Windows XP Service pack 3 compablity and this fixed that issue so I really have no complaints for the game itself.