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The other day I watched a video about Riven looking for hints, and what I saw floored me, to the point where I don't believe I will be able to finish the game without help. Here is what happened. In the video, the player walked up to the statue in the forest, and there next to it was a switch that opened the statue's mouth. So I went into the game, and went to the same screen - but I could not see any switch! I watched the video again carefully and I noted the exact location of the switch. I went back to my game and I started clicking around at that exact location. Sure enough I accidently hit the invisible switch (which was not invisible in the video) and the statue opened. This of course opened up the entire rest of the game to me. So I figure there must be a way to force the video graphics into some mode that would make these "invisible" switches visible like I saw in the video. Can anyone give me some advice for making the graphics better and more clear? I have a GTX 660 overclocked edition, Windows 10. Just installed Riven from gog 3 days ago so it has the newest versions of everything needed. I think there must be something maybe in scumm that will enhance the graphics (I think there should be because Dosbox has similar feaures). Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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The video you watched has misled you. You're not supposed to be able to see that switch until later in the game. You can still press it while it's invisible but doing so skips a large chunk of content.