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I was a little surprised to see that there is no bonus content for this besides the manual. Myst has an incredible soundtrack which I still listen to today. I thought the CD's were out of print, but maybe they're still in distribution, hence no soundtrack.. but there was an incredible Making Of Myst video that I have ONLY seen once, way back on the Sega Saturn version of Myst. I was deeply saddened when it wasn't on the PSX version once I finally got my own copy of it.
I dunno, I guess I was hoping for a little something more. "Making Of...", some wallpapers, anything else... you know?
I was sort of thinking the same thing. I'm not sure where I got that Make of Myst video. I don't think it came with the original release on PC....that was only one CD.
It might have come along with Riven, or with the strategy guide or something.
I remember it being very interesting. They went into a lot of detail about how they made the 3d environments, and the sound effects and blowing bubbles in toilets with long straws to make the perfect sounding water, etc...
If anyone remembers what that Making Of video came with, please post.
Now that you mention it, I do remember seeing something about the sound production. The comments on YouTube indicate it was on the original Myst CD.
So instead of wasting more time on Google, I looked. And it is. It's a ~70MB .mov file in the qtw/making folder.
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I have it on my 10th Anniversary DVD-ROM.
Not quite the same, but here are some of GameTap's little documentaries on the Myst series, from back when "GameTap TV" was a thing. They have some of the same content as the ones that came with the games.
Myst (series)
And some for the games not yet on GOG:
Myst III: Exile
Myst Online
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