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Myst is one of the greatest adventure games of all times--- no instructions, no back story, no goals when you first begin. Everything you have to do, you have to first figure out what to do and then how to do it. It can make for some frustrating moments, but the elation of success becomes that much better as a result. You have to use all your gaming senses: sight, sound, memory.... without the risk of death. Make sure you keep a paper and pencil handy for all the clues. I already have several copies of myst and will gladly add this one to my collection.
Only one concern -- Myst runs off an old version of quicktime, which has become incompatible with more recent versions, particularly those versions that are required to run iTunes. Has GoG found a way around this? I have tried to play my disc copy of Myst on my 64 bit Vista laptop to no avail as well. The description says 64 bit Vista will work-- which is phenomenal!!!! But what about the iTunes/quicktime problem. I will test out GoG's version and post the results if I can. This will be my 4th copy of Myst, and I'll gladly buy it for the chance to play on my laptop and on my iTunes computer again.
Riven, Exile, URU, Revelation, and End of Ages-- I hope they make it to the catalog as well, though only Riven is owned by Cyan Worlds... the rest are Ubisoft. But when/if they all come, I will snatch them up in a heartbeat-- no waiting for a sale on these games.