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The game demo keep on freezing my computer. Black screen and freeze. The only way out every time this happened was to hard reset my system. Tried different graphical settings, and the problem persists. . I run a mild oc'd pc. Does anybody else having the same problem?

And I would also like to ask the full game owner whether this problem exists with the final product or not. I'm interested in buying this game in the future.
What are your PC specs? Do you have your graphics drivers up to date?
Hello, here's my spec :

Win 7 64 Bit
Ryzen 5 1600
GTX 1070
My graphic driver is currently 417.71

All of the main component are OCd, but they don't have any kind of issue with other games that I played.
i am having similar issues, although i do not have to go all the way to resetting my computer. i have not been able to play for more than 15 minutes or so continuously without a crash occurring. my specs:

windows 10 64 bit
ryzen r5 1600x
gtx 1080ti
32GB ram
i am also on the 417.71 driver after seeing that claimed as a fix to an issue that sounded like this but have experienced the same thing on newer drivers
Hmm this makes me doubt buying the game...