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Changelog for Update (added 12 August 2019):

Critical Fixes
- Fix for Treehugger crash.
- Fix for Ground Pound crash.
- Fix for crash when maxing out save slots in 3 or more sessions.
- Failsafe for potential crash when AI is moving.
- Fixed rare crash when travelling to the Under-Ark.
- Fixed a bug which allowed the player to get to the ark early with the SOE pre-made save.

Bug Fixes
- Fix for difficulty selection bug when overwriting savegames.
- Fixed a bug with medbot in Pripp mission which could vanish after reloading.
- Control pad/keyboard selection bug fixed.
- Fix for Big Khan being able to damage himself with his own flame puke attack and the attack not hitting the full grid.
- Joker ability no longer taunts all enemies in the map, plus some other fixes with this.
- fix for rare bug that makes the GUI vanish.
- Pyro’s damage VS preview is now consistant.
- Fix for ‘Doctor’ Artifact skill not granting the amount of health bonus as shown.
- Fix for Artifact skill costs in Pripp’s Bar.
- Fix for med-bots revive action not being interrupted under certain conditions.
- Fix for Magnus’ Puppeteer not being interrupted under certain conditions.
- Fix for infinite medkit pickup glitch on Sea Titans map.
- Credits music now loops.
- Lots more stability and minor level fixes.

Standalone installer updated to MYZ_GOG_23129.
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Changelog for Hot Fix (added 16 August 2019):

Bug Fixes
- Fix for “characters falling from the second floor makes them land below ground rendering affected enemies untargetable”.
- Minor localization fixes.
- Stability fixes.

Standalone installer updated to MYZ_GOG_23186.
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Changelog for Update (added 04 September 2019):

Critical Fixes:
- Fix for chest opening crash experienced by some users.
- Fixed crashes that can occur with fungus spores and fire.
- Fixed potential softlock when hiding all three crew members.
- Numbers now appear correctly for machines with Arabic regional settings.
- Fixed rare throw crash.

Bug Fixes:
- "Tough Nut" Achievement is unlocked by finishing Iron Mutant Mode in any difficulty.
- Bot is now force started if less than 2 enemies alive in the barn squad. This is to allow the pickup of the "El Generator" artifact.
- Fixed erroneous savegame prompt when pausing during cutscenes.
- Fixed some super rare crashes related to mouse control.

Standalone installer updated to MYZ_GOG_23289.