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As long as the movie page is full of low quality content pandering to 'geeks' and 'gamers' I just see it as a blemish on the face of GOG. It's in an absolutely dire state, will it always be this bad or will we be getting real movies at some point? I'd actually like a 1080p movie with the same convenience I do your games and tied to one account but there's not a single 'movie' so far that's worth getting.
Don't forget that the publishers of what you refer to as "real films" won't ever put their products on GOG, so they have their hands tied to a large extent regarding what films they actually can and cannot distribute.
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Pick up Motivational Growth. Amazing indy horror film, on sale now, and it comes in 1080p with a ton of bonus features. :)
The Gamers series are great movies on their own, notably hands of fate. There's a learning curve for the other ones because of the jargon for non gamers. There's nothing wrong with quality content catering to the interests of the existing community. Hollywood is hilariously behind in digital distribution while GoG is offering a better service than they do on their own stores. I sincerely hope they upgrade their brains but pending that it would be more effective petitioning the reticent studios than complaining to GoG that's doing a fantastic job. Steam doesn't even offer downloads despite its massive CDN!
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