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I love the movies section, and in addition to accruing a lot of the games GoG has to offer, I have purchased the majority of the movies. For a while, they were coming out in a pretty regular fashion, can anyone speak to the future of putting more up ? The last release was in April ? I believe, and it doesn't look like ( from what I have looked at here in the forums ) that there is anything upcoming.

I realize there are a ton of factors at play with obtaining rights and contracts, was just curious if we were going to start to see anything new soon :)

Thanks !
After looking at GoG Galaxy, there isn't even an option to look at movies in your library. I think that informs me they have experimented and it didn't pay off. I was looking on here for some post about the situation but most do go unanswered, which is a shame. GoG has one of the best concepts around and they do a pretty good job of enforcing it, so it's always a shame when one of their ideas doesn't take off but even more so when they do not outright inform those who are asking about it.
Unless I'm missing some magical tab on my Gog Galaxy (which is totally possible... just not highly likely.)