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I can`t play the game because all my gaming devices such as my G25 Wheel, my Thrustmaster Joystick and my Xbox360 Pad are regonized by the game at the same time. I am unable to move the cursor.All of the devices will send inputs all the time, making the cursor jump around uncontrolable.

Is there a way to disable them for the game? I can`t go under my desk behind the computer every time to unplug all of them.
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Hey there!

It's the devs here. Sorry for the trouble with the joystick - this shouldn't happen.

We're already working on a patch. Hope to send it to GOG in the next week. Is that ok for you?

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Are there any news regarding the problem?
Because I have the same issue (the only difference is that I have only one gamepad which goes wild until I plug it out). Game was downloaded from GOG and installed few days ago.
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Got same problem. Please add choosing input device so menu does not go bananas when I have a joystick with one axis having not center plugged in.