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Changelog for patch 1.2.0 (added 22 April 2015):

Most important changes:

- Added full keyboard support - now you can play the game solely with a keyboard.
- Added Xbox 360 and Xbox One gamepad support for Windows and Mac OSX (support for Linux is pretty experimental).
- New languages (Italian, Dutch, Russian, Simplified Chinese).
- Added a "language sniffing" mechanism - the game will now set the language according to the operating system language.
- Increased the performance and quality of videos for Mac OSX.
- Optimized a lot of graphics stuff - reduced the number of draw calls by 30%.
- Added functionality to Effects toggle - setting effects to "Off" will result in launching the game in a mode suitable for older, low-end computers.
- Added a green outline showing the currently active Moving Brick.
- Added an option to increase the speed of the game without releasing the Mice.
- Moved all Brick outlines to a higher layer so they are more visible during Active Pause.
- Feature cutscenes will no longer appear if you have already completed the level where the feature was introduced.
- Lots of Level Editor bugfixes.

Gamepad support details:

- Windows: Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers should work out of the box if you have the necessary drivers. A PS3/PS4 controller can be used with Motionin Joy application and emulating Xbox 360 controller.
- Mac OSX: requires free 3rd party driver by Tattiebogle.
- Linux: It really depends on the drivers.
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