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Hey folks.

Just picked up the VC Reforged DLC on the sale, but it tells me that my version of the base game isn't supported, and I have to re-download the installer.

No problem, re-downloading it right now.

But I run Floris Expanded and AD 1257. Before I re-install Warband, (and add the DLC) just wondered if anybody knows whether it will have any impact on my mod based games/saves?

I've got probably hundreds of hours in there. :D

Any help appreciated.
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I believe it will effect your save files if you used mods and make them incompatible or something,when you add dlc.
But i am not shure about this.
The thing is the new things from the mod could interfere with the save file when adding dlc.
Think it's only possible in normal version of warband that save games will work on and you then add the dlc.
Actually why don't you just try it. I don't know how exactly a dlc for this game works so you should at least copy your save files somewhere else.
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Haha, thanks Fonzer. To be honest, I got impatient and did exactly that. I didn't just back up my saves though...backed up my entire installation, modules and all. :D

Then reinstalled the base game. It did it in the existing directory, and didn't give me any over-write prompts. When I started the launcher, Viking Conquest was available as if it were a mod pack. (From the drop-down menu with "Native,' Floris, etc.

So that all looks promising. Only problem is I started playing it immediately, so I haven't tested whether the others were affected or not yet. :D

When I do, I'll report back. And I can always revert to my old install if I want to go back to those.
Just an update here...started up my AD 1257 mod and it all looks like it works, despite having re-installed the base game to the latest version.

I didn't test the mechanics, but my latest save loaded, I appeared to have all my stuff, all looked good.

Haven't tested Floris yet, but am hopeful.
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