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I got and installed Viking Conquest DLC for Linux. I found it overpriced, but I thought that since it supports native Linux, I would support the devs.

Anyway after installing, the music doens't play (the music plays perfectly on Vanilla Warband). Digging a bit, I found that the files in Modules/Viking Conquest/Music are all in .ogg format, except battle_ambient2.wav. So I went ahead and changed the definitions on Modules/Viking Conquest/music.txt so that they cite the .ogg extension, as there they appeared as .wav

This fixed it for those existing, but I also found out that there's simply missing music files, for example there's no Modules/Viking Conquest/Music/fallen_warrior.wav or .ogg file at all!

What's going on? Any tips as to why those files are missing? If this is a problem of packaging on the linux version, can some Gog or gamedev admin put the files online to download? Otherwise I'll file for a refund, as who knows what else is missing and this isn't acceptable. I only have a Linux system, and this DLC is cited as Linux native, so if the music files are on the Windows DLC installer, please repackage the Linux DLC.
There is problem with GOG version how i see and in many ways.
They just put developer edition, check .ini files :)

Shaders for VC [armor dont have shadows] is broken in linux version of game.

And just this is smaller than other files for mac or windows.
They just deleted all sounds from VC.
Awsome patch....