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Hi guys. So I bought banner lord on steam and had to contact the games support about 2 mouths back as the game was crashing every 5-10 minutes on my 3 PCs. Sadly the support team was not willing to help me at all, not even a reply after sending 3 emails. Time went on and I had lost hope in the game. Then I came back to the game about a week ago only to find it still not playable on my 3 computers do to the game crashing. I contacted the support folks asking for a refund as I could not play the game. they stated to get with steam, steam would not refund and sad to get with the games support team. The games support team would not help. I got mad and demanded the games support team ether refund or at lest try and help fix the crashes. Thing is they haven't done anything to help a this point. a day latter after demanding the refund they revoked my copy of the game.

so yeah careful who you give your money too. I'm sticking to GOG from now on.
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