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Jarmo: My personal favorite by a wide margin is Prophesy of Pendor.

A total conversion to a new land, a touch of fantasy added. Early game can be somewhat difficult, with totally overpowering hordes roaming the land. (The trick is to run away and not get into unwinnable fights).
Started it recently and I agree.
Floris and other mods seems quite rough compare to pendor.
some mods

relatively new mod for warband:

the last days mod is straight but you need to follow install directions closely. also you might need to use the 4gb patch so your pc will utilize more ram.

star wars conquest for the original mount and blade. honestly my fave star wars game (because I love m&b so much I guess).

Viking conquest is pretty hot now for anyone on the fence about it. definitely streamlined and more stable now. it's like a lot of different mods in one place and some ideas based on other mods but much bigger in scope. really not bad. but yeah when it first dropped it was a buggy mess. I'm not affiliated with anyone who worked on it. just enjoyed it a lot. definitely a step forward for the team from brytenwalda.
Whenever you get the urge to conquer cities with an army of nude barbarian "ladies": Ribhinn Wars

Just wanted to mention that Star Wars Conquest has been ported to Warband.
Hello guys, are mods compatible with Ubuntu? Thought I'd ask here, it's not worth making a new thread.
Hi folks...

Can anyone point me of the direction of any simple mods to fix minor issues with the vanilla game?

I'm not really interested in any of the overhaul or conversion mods, but would quite like to look at anything that fixes things that didn't tend to work so well in the vanilla version, or at least, not as well as they could have.

For example, marriage*, feasts**, and suchlike. In vanilla these RPG elements seem somewhat broken, with quests not triggering properly. Anything that makes those kind of aspects work more smoothly, without having to look for workarounds, would be greatly appreciated.

* Usual problem arises when I'm already a king. Proposals are accepted, but the feast and wedding don't happen unless I make someone else the marshal.

** Already married and holding a feast, I can gather all the supplies and wait for the notification about when the feast starts, but it never does... This is an ongoing problem I've had with a current save, until the time elapses and the feast quest fails. Have yet to find a solution.
A lot of mods:
I just wonder are the mods like nova aetas,star wars conquest and gekikoujou or what it's called compatible if i play in directx 7?
Directx 7 seems to run cleaner than 9,but maybe i will play them when i will get a better pc.Since i still have to beat the first mount and blade and then warband original before i will use mods.