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I don't use default controls, and spacebar seems to be coded set to wait, and I don't see a way to change it. The map controls mirror your movement keys, and this conflicts with things as I use spacebar for back. This means I can only move the map up, left and right. If I move it down, it also waits. I would rather just have the arrow keys control the map and be able to bind a key for wait. There is a controls.dat file in the appdata/roaming/Mount&Blade Warband directory, but it is not an editable text file.
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Are we talking about the original game here?

You can rebind a lot of things in options but not 'wait' nor looking aaround on the map nor taking a screenshots.

How about opening that file with a hex editor?

I can see how someone would not want to use W A S D but why not spacebar? Oh well, it should have been made rebindable since almost everything else is.

You know you can also wait by setting up camp but that is a bit risky.
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Themken: Are we talking about the original game here?
I'm talking about Warband, but the original was also like that. I did open the controls.dat file in a hex editor, but I don't know what to edit or if editing that can override the hard coded key bind. I was hoping there might be a mod or a way to do it somehow. I haven't played the game in a while and I previously used AutoHotKey to remap the space bar, so I'll have to try that again I guess.
Well, cannot help more as I either use a mod or follow step by step instructions for editing configs, unless they are in plain text.