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I get a mci error for audio I can't get the game to start either.

The error is:

"Class CD:MCI_OPEN error in open():The specified file cannot be played on the specified MCI device. The file may be corrupt, not in the correct format, or no file ha"

I accidently caused this error by using a different exe file or trying to get it to work with a demo version of the game.

I have since
1. reinstalled, tried running as admin/ compat. mode options
2. checked install_script.iss after extracting with Universal Extractor program to see if registry keys were out of place.
3. Changed file types for wav to Windows Media Player
4. Tried to turn off ffdshow using klite codec pack (I noticed the filter was blacklisted)
5. Searched the internet but it didn't help.
6. Used USB Oblivion with admin rights to try to reset CD/DVD and USB info
7. Tried Moto Racer 2 Original CD, various options
8. Vista Midi Fix/Timidy++ (??)

It shouldn't require admin rights to run??

Any suggestions? Thanks
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I got it to work, don't know what I did. Had recently installed extreme g2 from steam. Using nvidia drivers 382.05. I have also gotten the video card to recognize the tv as a tv awhile ago. For some reason the screen now recognizes 640x480@60 and I have another old monitor hooked up by vga outputs. you can sometimes specify device by using d0, or d1 for some video devices as well in the game executable command line options.

Realtek Audio Driver 3.0.0,6 modified 1/11/17
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changed keyboard may have solved it
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