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I preordered the game when it was 29.99 with 10% off
so 26.99

Now it is 24.99 with 10% off
so 22.49 all of a sudden...

Asked for a refund so I can buy this game again for the better price but why let early adopters pay more in the first place?
I loked in the Steam forum. You will need to contact gog support i suppose.

Quote from the dev:

"Regional Pricing Fix
A message to our amazing fans around the world: We were very disappointed to see that our regional prices across Steam were significantly different from our regional prices across the Epic Games Store.

It’s entirely a mistake from our side and our team has worked to adjust prices accordingly. New prices have now been published on Steam.

Please accept our sincere apologies. "
already refunded and have bought it for the updated price.
thanks for clarification.