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Running the game on Windows 7, 64bit, with 16GB of RAM. After upgrading from v0.96 to v1.014633 (with a matching DLC version), I am now getting a BSOD after about 10 minutes of play. The error code is 0000001E.

I did not experience this problem with the previous version of the game, with gaming sessions of over an hour.

Currently I am trying to figure out if it might be a hardware issue on my end, but in the meantime I want to ask if anyone else is having this problem.

Edit: Unfortunately, I deleted v0.96 before I noticed the problem with the new version, so I have no way to test whether I would get the BSOD with that version as well. Is there any way to get the installation files for an old version of a game on GOG?
Edit 2: I've found a way to recover the old version. I will reinstall it and report back on whether the issue reoccurs.

Update: I am now getting the same error even with v0.96, though I'm not sure why this did not happen before the ice section after the Enslaved Grisha. I'll go back to v1.014633, try different RAM settings and do some hardware tests. As of now it looks to be more of a problem with my PC.
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Check Event Viewer to see what is going on.
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The problem disappeared after I updated the graphics card drivers and lowered the "effects" setting in the game (effects were set to high when the crashes occurred). Out of these two, I'm guessing the newer drivers were what made the difference, although I still suspect that the blizzard particles effects in that section of the game might have pushed things over the edge. (Except for the ice section leading to Tarsus, the game never crashed.)

I was able to pretty much rule out my PC's memory as the cause of the crashes: memtest86+ found no issues over two runs, both with the RAM frequency at maximum and slightly below maximum.
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