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Hello people,

sorry to not being too savvy.

I managed to make my knight change directions as I wish, however, neither on keyboard nor the Pad is it possible to do anything else than move.

Ctrl F1 gets you the key mapper, but that makes no sense to me. Can someone help here?

Also, the config file says something about different soundblasters, but I suppose as the DOS version, it will have the same sounds which are different from the Amiga version, yes? (Shame, because that sound/music was superior).

Anyway, thanks for any help.
I found this on another thread:

Backward up + enter = Knife throw
up + enter = overhead slash
forward up + enter = Upward stab (good for dragon)
forward down + enter = Long stab
backward down + enter = block
down + enter = side step (evades stabs and overhead swings)
back + enter = backwards stab (faster than turning around to slash
forward + enter = slash.
Thanks liquidhot that helped a lot.

Not the best but it works...

Also I found the P2 controls if this helps anyone

w = up
a = left
x = down
d = right
tab = action