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I like to use a Dvorak keymapping, but the keyboard is hard-coded QWERTY WASD. Fortunately I was able to edit the keyboard commands under Options > Controls. Hooray! (Edit: can't edit topic, but Keyboard is definitely supported).
Post edited February 23, 2019 by dylanmc
Having edited the keyboard shortcuts, I am now finding that on my first day, I'm unable to open my shop. Standing by the door, it says H Exits, Hold H to open shop. (In Dvorak, H is where the J key is on QWERTY). I would think this means tapping H exits, and Holding H opens. Oddly, tapping H does not exit, and Holding H flashes the Circular progress bar quickly, but it never fills up, and the shop doesn't open. This is on Linux, where everything else (including sound) seems to be working fine.

[Edit] If others are having this problem, go to system preferences and disable "Keyboard auto repeat."
Post edited April 01, 2019 by dylanmc