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Dear team.
I have the folloiwing issues with build

!. When I move items from my backpack into the chests. It overwrites the items in the chest..

Ie: I have 1 item in my backpack and 4 of the same item in a chest... I move the item by right click and It overwrites the items in the chest... I now only have 1 item in total

2: I have 20 plus numnber of 'forest' papers ( quest from customer) stored in a chest and 10 in hand. I complete the quest, then delve in the dungeon that nigght. I return to my chest and ALL the forest papers are missing..

Or I update the shop and the same is true.

Note. The overwitre issus eometimes also occures if i move items to my backpack first.. But mostly if i do this the issue doe not occure.

Can you please look into this matter

Thank you.

PS I love this game.
Same problem here :)
I have the same problem.