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I'm encountering a bug where the loading screen does not progress. I've submitted the bug to the developer, but thought I would share my "work around" in case any one else experiences it in the mean time.

NOTE: I am running an unsupported OS that may be the cause (I haven't tested this yet).
Manjaro 15.12 64-bit with proprietary AMD drivers.

Work around (Linux):
Tab out of the game, and open the terminal.
Run ps -aux | grep Moon to find the two Moon Hunter processes.
Run kill xxxx (where xxxx is the largest process number for Moon Hunter).
Game should load to 100%. If not, repeat once more.

I suppose this could work for Windows, Mac by using the Task Manager, etc. I just haven't tried it.
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Installed Ubuntu 14.04, and the loading delay does not happen there (in the 4 times I ran it).

Not clear why it happens in Manjaro (no error messages in terminal).
I just have to assume it's an updated library/something that is causing the issue.