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I installed Monkey Island 1 SE, and it runs but the Audio language is english, on the website it says that the avialble languges are english AND german, for audio.
So, where I can change the Audio language?

I must know this, because I don't want to play this game in english(audio), so I have not so mutch Time because I want my money back if its not possible to play it with german audio.
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I only see English as available audio language on the website (attached).
You're right... my fault.
The original Versions on GOG are all with german Audio and the Original from the 90s has also german audio.

I can't imagine that the SE is a downgrade...
Thats really bad.
The original Monkey Island 1 & 2 from the 90s weren't voiced (and they have never been on sale on GOG prior to the Special Editions). I don't know if this was changed for a release in Germany.

The first game in the series with voiceovers was Curse of Monkey Island.
IchmagDUG: I can't imagine that the SE is a downgrade...
Thats really bad.
Erm ... nope. As ConsulCaesar already mentioned, the originals had no voice at all.
The first Monkey Island game with german voices was Curse MI, followed by Escape From MI, Tales from MI and now Return to MI.

MI1SE and MI2SE were released after TOMI, but didn't get german voice acting.

I have the original german DVD version of the Special Edition collection right here on the table and it says "Deutsche Software mit englischer Sprachausgabe" (translation: german software with english voices)
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