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Here are a few patches/mods that might prove useful:

Guybrush Hair Patch

Monkey Island Ultimate Talkies
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There is a hair patch? Christ that is sad!
Looks like the hair is gonna be similar to what's in the image on the website. I might check it out.
Better a hair patch than a bald patch. :-P
The backgrounds fix patch is one of the most must use patches, in my opinion:

This fan patch fixes things that were overlooked when the LucasArts team painted over the backgrounds, including the original pixels still appearing in the backgrounds, and most noticeably the board at the dock not being animated correctly.

There's also some fan patches in that thread for minor changes that the team made, such as a fan patch that adds the smile back to the SCUMM Bar sign and one that adds the Pillsbury Doughboy back to the SCUMM Bar kitchen.
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So how do I even apply this? I have to unpack the .pak file?

Edit: nevermind figured it out
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Lemme just provide updated link to the Hair Patch to MI1SE